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Where is the wireless switch on my acer laptop? How do I enable wireless?

19 April 2010 5 Comments

I have a Acer laptop. If I want to connect it with the Internet say, on wireless communication with the Wireless switch to turn. When I met it, it held sayong unenabled or such a thing for Wireless.

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  • Jim D said:

    It’s one of the long, thin buttons on the very front of the laptop. It’s easy to accidentally turn it on/off with your belt buckle.

    The screen should flash “Wireless Enabled” in big green letters when you hit it.

  • Infinite Admin said:

    The wireless switch is generally on the front edge or a side edge of your notebook. They also usually have an led that will show status. You may have to enable this through bios if the switch doesn’t work.


  • Tiffy said:

    on my acer it is up near the power button the first one on the left

  • ally said:

    it on the side of your notebook.

  • Dhillon said:

    if you can’t find the switch then go to start>connect to> show all connections. after that you will see wireless network connection, right click on it and enable it.
    its the same thing either to do it using switch or myway.